What are Proactol Ingredients?

Proactol is an extremely useful fat binder that provides many great health benefits. It is primarily viewed as an effective fat loss aid, but it can be used to treat high blood pressure and other blood cholesterol problems. For weight loss purposes, it helps remove fat from the body, prevent storage of said fat, suppresses your appetite, and reduces cravings. All this is accomplished due to the natural, organic, and more importantly – safe Proactol ingredients. They are as follows:

Prickly Pear Cactus Plant

This is the source of the main ingredient for Proactol, which in extracted form is NeOpuntia Fiber Complex. The extract for this plant is known for its binding capabilities. Additionally, it contains dietary fibres that assist with digestion and ultimately help you with removing part of your fat intake and preventing it from being stored in your body.

Dicalcium Phosphate

It is commonly found in breakfast cereals. It is especially known for working as a tableting agent and has highly effective binding properties.

Microcrystalline Cellulose

This is primarily used for its tableting agent properties and has been used in medical products for a very long time.

Silicon Dioxide

Silica is regularly used as a food additive. In dietary supplementation, it is believed to increase energy and lower stress.


Povidone is found in Proactol as a replacement for iodine and it is responsible for fending off lipids (fat cells).

Magnesium Stereate

It is a minor ingredient in Proactol. It is included to help with binding and diluting, but also plays into the timing for ingredient releases once the drug is digested.

This is just a general overview of the particular ingredients. There are many other facts that could be mentioned about them, but this is to get you familiar with what is in this product. Overall, the ingredients of Proactol are all natural and considered to be completely safe to use. They are also found in smaller (sometimes trace) amounts in this product so any potential warnings of their use would not be a concern at this level.

Medical studies have been done to determine the safety and effectiveness of Proactol fat binder ingredients. The findings were conclusive in reporting that it is safe and effective to use. It was determined that this product may be capable of regulating your blood lipid and ultimately decrease cholesterol and prevent cardiovascular issues.

It was also found that the Proactol ingredients ultimately aid in the process of weight reduction and fecal fat excretion. You can look for a detailed report on the various clinical studies that have been completed on this fat burner and see for yourself that there are no concerns when using this product.

These  ingredients are common in many other weight loss products and that is due to the fact that they actually work. What makes this particular product special is that it contains ingredients that are completely safe to use, but still very effective for their purpose. The combination of binders with the key active ingredient ultimately provides the best possible results that you could expect with a fat blocker.

In closing, the list of ingredients are very straightforward and demonstrates that the product is very safe to use and positive results are to be expected when using it.

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