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Dubai is the best place to visit when you have a long vacation pending in your office, where you have multiples of sick leaves remaining! Burj Khalifa is the best place built in Dubai and well renowned too!

Here are some quick facts which will make you eager to buy tickets and visit soon!

  • Burj Khalifa is all the way designed after the flower named Spider Lily also known as Hymenocallis! It is a desert flower, and this flower has been the inspiration of this Iconic monument!
  • Burj Khalifa basically consists of 1.88 million square meters of residential space with 3,00,000 square feet for commercial purposes.
  • This monument has lounge facilities for leisure & luxury, health & spa with wellness facilities are also available along with 4-6 pool services! And two observation decks at the 124th& 125Th floor!
  • This place is designed where the lobby of the residential area is made up of the best musical piece which has almost 196 cymbals which play when the water droplets fall on them turn by turn!
  • This place has multiple things in connection to artistic things! It has almost 85 paintings in which 85 artists are involved. All the paintings Burj Khalifa has are related to the Arabic Culture!
  • The corporate area which Burj Khalifa has the best sculpture situated provided it is transparent and protects from UV resistant and the coating on it is also organic! The artist is and Egyptian born artist!
  • This place has an area where Armani Residency has taken Level 9 To Level 16 as residential area which is totally luxurious & spacious. Also check: Burj khalifa and aquarium tickets and discounts
  • This place is known to be the highest tower in the entire globe. And the number of steps Burj Khalifa has is almost 2909 steps as there are 163 floors in Burj Khalifa.
  • From the Burj Khalifa a beautiful view of Dubai Fountain can be experienced! For this Dubai Fountain you need to book ticket half an hour before the Dubai Fountain show starts!
  • Burj Khalifa has the best fragrance collection held out in its common area. And all together 18 aromas!
  • Burj Khalifa is famous and known to be the most picturized monument in the world!
  • Burj Khalifa used three types of different crane systems & one of them has the capacity to carry almost 25 tonnes of weight!

These are some amazing facts about the Burj Khalifa and now let’s understand the ticket booking issues!

Burj Khalifa tickets

There are various criteria’s that have to be taken care of! From Kids to Adults all the prices & ranges are different! The visiting hours of Burj Khalifa area divided into two hours 1) Prime hours & 2) Non-Prime hours! The prime hours are subject to be effected by various immediate changes! This place has two categories the Level 124 & 125 is called as the observational decks while they are also known as At the Top level while the level or floor from 148 then 125 7 124 are mentioned as At the Top Sky level. Many a times Burj Khalifa has kept the option where if you are the last entry you have to take tickets before 45 minutes.

There are also infant entries. Other than standing in a long queue in Burj Khalifa opt for online tickets where you need not stand in the queue!

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